Anne Stone

Dreams of Love, Hope and Happily Ever Afters...

Life's Forever Changed: The Prequel


After Alejandro Alvarez’s best friend dies of kidney disease while in high school, Alejandro vows to change his life. Determined to help others suffering from his friend’s illness, he rejects joining his father’s pediatrics practice and instead trains as a nephrologist and a transplant surgeon.   Fourteen years later, devotion to his career has rewarded him with a reputation as an excellent surgeon, but success has left him alone, with no family that he can call his own.

Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse Tammy Johansen is on duty when an infant must undergo a life-saving transplant. Working closely with famed surgeon Dr. Alejandro Alvarez, she sees the sensitive, lonely man beneath his professional exterior and wonders can such a man be interested in someone like her?

As they battle to save the tiny patient, Alejandro struggles with the emptiness within himself until the lovely and compassionate nurse at his side catches his attention. In that moment, one look at Tammy forever changes his life.

Life’s Forever Changed is the Prequel to Anne Stone’s The Show Me series.


Let’s meet Alejandro Alvarez.  He’s thirty-two years old and the oldest of the Alvarez children.  After losing someone close to him, he changes his life’s direction and becomes a successful transplant surgeon.  He finds the grueling hours catching up with him and realizes he’s yet to fulfill one of his life’s dreams. 

Tammy Johansen is a Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse.  She is extremely dedicated to her career.  Her patients mean the world to her and she goes above and beyond to make their hospital stay more bearable.  Will she be that woman that will fulfill Alejandro’s life’s dream?